5 Activities To Increase Student Engagement


Teaching styles and methods vary from teacher to teacher. Regardless of how information is shared, there tends to be a common theme in the classroom- lack of student engagement. Looking for ways to increase engagement among your students? Below are five activities to consider.

Write a food review. Whether it is to become a restaurant owner, chef, or food blogger, students can apply the knowledge of the classroom by writing about their latest experience dining out. Was the food quality good? How friendly was the staff? Would the restaurant be one to recommend to others?  This activity is designed for students to demonstrate their writing abilities, immerse themselves in the industry, and create a different perspective of what it can mean to be in the industry.

Pitch Perfect. This activity challenges students by applying their knowledge in business management and creating a 30-second pitch of their business plan concept. Students are encouraged to use visual aids, hone their writing abilities, presentation skills, and interpersonal skills.

By a Nose. Enhance the students’ knowledge of spices and ingredients by challenging them to identity as many spices and/or ingredients correctly while blindfolded. This activity can be done as teams or individually.

On the Fly. In teams of 4-5, students are given a time limit to prepare and produce a dish (each week can be a different entree; advanced classes can opt to create 2-3 entree meal). When time is up, the team presents their dish to the class. This activity promotes teamwork, communication skills, and time management.

Draft an Open Letter. This activity allows students to assess their personal growth and knowledge gained throughout the school year (or semester). The focus is to provide students the opportunity to self-reflect on their experiences. What did they learn? What would they tell their younger self who started the class at the beginning of the school year? Are there things they would do differently? For this activity to create impact, have students write an open letter at the beginning and end of the school year.