Meet the Team

neshaNesha Mason, Executive Director

Nesha Mason joined HEFG in July of 2016. As Executive Director she is responsible for day-to-day operations, programs, and fundraising. She works closely with the Board of Trustees to meet the goals and objectives set forth in the Foundation’s Strategic Plan.

Mason has diverse professional background including Marketing Communications for BLIMPIE International, Mayor of Abilene, KS, Program Director for Quality of Life Coalition, and Educator for Fulton County Schools. She is passionate about providing students with experience and knowledge that empowers them to embrace their future, which makes HEFG a perfect fit.

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Lisa Long Head shot

Lisa M. Long, Marketing Communication Specialist

Lisa M. Long is a native Georgian who claims Atlanta as her home, despite childhood adventures in Germany and Ohio thanks to her father, who was a military man for 20+ years. She attended the University of West Georgia, where she studied International Business and French, and upon graduating, accepted a job in national sales for an industrial chemical company. She has been in this position for the past 11 years, refining and honing her marketing skills. 
In 2016, Lisa rediscovered her passion for the Culinary Arts, prompting her to return to school and study at The Art Institute of Atlanta. There, she spends her spare time volunteering with various projects within the Culinary Department, where she enjoys cultivating flavor pairings and unique combinations. Within the past year, she has began working with HEFG Foundation (Hospitality Education Foundation of Georgia), which works with culinary arts programs throughout the state to develop opportunities for educational outreach and workforce development. 
As an Oenophile, Lisa was more than happy to accept her position with Unum in September 2017 as their Social Media Coordinator. In this position, she is excited to pair her extensive background in sales and marketing with her culinarian and wine passions.
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