Frequently Asked Questions


What is HEFG?

HEFG is a state-wide educational foundation that seeks to connect students with career resources and opportunities by equipping and training culinary art educators with cutting edge industry trends and resources.

Is HEFG the same as ProStart?

HEFG is the organization that administers the Georgia ProStart Program in partnership with the Georgia Restaurant Association.

What is ProStart?

ProStart is one of the most effective industry-supported career technical education programs in the nation, empowering students to achieve long term, successful careers in the restaurant and foodservice sector. Read more.

Does it cost to be a ProStart School?

There are no dues or fees associated with being a ProStart Program or competing in the ProStart competition.

How Can I become a ProStart School?

Schools are considered ProStart Programs if the following criteria are met:

  • The Foundations textbook is used in the classroom
  • Register on the website as an educator
  • Educators must respond to Westat Database request
  • Connects with industry through at least one of the following:
  • Arrange for industry guest speakers &/or industry tours at least twice per year.
  • Recruit and work w/ industry mentor for entire class.
  • Work with an Industry Advisory Board.
  • Compete in state ProStart Invitational.
  • Participate in SRA events.
  • Represent ProStart at industry/community events.

Can I participate in both FCCLA & ProStart?

Yes! ProStart compliments FCCLA by offering an industry certified career path through the NRAEF National Restaurant Manager Apprenticeship Program. ProStart competitions are free and only offer team categories, whereas FCCLA offers individual competitions. Many schools use FCCLA as a preparatory activity to get students ready for the more rigorous ProStart Invitational.

Who can attend the HEFG Hospitality Expo?

The HEFG Hospitality Expo targets career-minded junior and senior high school students in the culinary arts, nutrition & food science, and hospitality pathways as well as culinary arts and hospitality college students. Click here for more Expo FAQs.

How can I get involved with HEFG?

There are a number of ways to help HEFG support future food service and hospitality industry leaders. Aside from our existing programs, we customize programs to meet the evolving needs of our student audience and the outreach priorities of our supporters. Please contact Nesha Mason for additional information:; 678.887.8009.