Picking The Right School After You Graduate

Next Stop_ College

So you are approaching the end of your high school years. You have made good friends, identified what you want to do for a career, and are now at the point of choosing the right college that will enhance your knowledge and take the skills you learned in the classroom to the next level. There are SO many options out there for you to explore. Do you want to stay remain in-state? Are you looking for schools out-of-state? Where do you begin? Click here for things to consider.

Once you have compiled your list of things to consider, start researching schools that interest you.

Culinary Schools:

Hospitality Management: 

  • Top 10 schools for hospitality management in Georgia.
  • The 30 best hospitality management programs in the United States.

As your list of colleges begin to grow, use the timeline below to help in the application process.

College Infographic-HEFG