What Our Students Are Saying

“Being a part of the ProStart program has taught me a lot about [the] hospitality industry. It has given me great networking connections, opportunities to travel, and lifetime experiences.” – Nyia Garrett, Marietta High School  

“ProStart has changed many things in my life. It made me realize that I have a strong love for culinary arts. ProStart helped me find my passion. I could visually see myself doing culinary as my career path. These are just a few of the reasons ProStart has changed my life. The most important thing being that ProStart gave me the opportunity to see a future for myself.” – Brandi Johnson, Southeast Bulloch High School  

Being a part the ProStart program has shown me that I can be in different career pathways and still be in the culinary field. Also, creating connections with culinary professionals helps my understanding what real day-to-day chefs do.” – Evelyn Garcia, Marietta High School  

“ProStart helped me see just how the culinary world is. From the precision work to big details, everything counts. Competing with ProStart allowed me to experience that first hand.” – Calab Burgstiner, Southeast Bulloch High School  

“ProStart has helped me become a better team player. The work my classmates and I did together helped us become closer. I like to think of them as a second family. It’s also shown me the work chefs have to do in order to make it in the industry. I truly believe this organization has prepared me for the hospitality industry.” – Bryan Uraje, Marietta High School